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Come to the Table

Oct 19, 2020

We were invited by the Hosts of the Nomad Podcast to participate in Pod March which is based on a vision of numerous podcasts releasing a single episode that they’ve created in regards to reacting and addressing the global and local impact of Climate Change.

One of the most amazing and beautiful things about being involved in the podcast world is connecting with other people on such deep and personal levels. Sometimes you become very fortunate and get a chance to know them personally with the ultimate reward of referring to them as friend.

No other podcast over the past couple of years has had a greater impact on me personally than the Nomad Podcast. Tim, David, Jemimah, Nick and Dave have a special place in my heart and mind. Tim and David have also become friends and we even had David on this show previously.

When invited we quickly said yes.

In regard to the content I haven’t listened and no doubt would not agree with 100% of everything that is said but the very essence of this show and what has been the first step in transformation is to, stop, and listen. So we invite you, regardless of your position, to hear this chorus of voices (actual show notes below) within the motto of our show:

Love in action is listening to understand, not to react.


Everybody Now

Climate Emergency and Sacred Duty

We’ve caused a turning point in the Earth’s natural history. Everybody Now is a podcast about what it means to be human on the threshold of a global climate emergency, in a time of systemic injustice and runaway pandemics. Scientists, activists, farmers, poets, and theologians talk bravely and frankly about how our biosphere is changing, about grief and hope in an age of social collapse and mass extinction, and about taking action against all the odds.

On 19th October 2020, Everybody Now is being released by podcasters all over the world as a collective call for awareness, grief and loving action.

With contributions from:

Dr. Gail Bradbrook - scientist and co-founder of Extinction Rebellion

Prof. Kevin Anderson - Professor of Energy and Climate Change at the University of Manchester

Dámaris Albuquerque - works with agricultural communities in Nicaragua

Dr. Rowan Williams - theologian and poet, and a former Archbishop of Canterbury

Pádraig Ó Tuama - poet, theologian and conflict mediator

Rachel Mander - environmental activist with Hope for the Future

John Swales - priest and activist, and part of a community for marginalised people

Zena Kazeme - Persian-Iraqi poet who draws on her experiences as a former refugee to create poetry that explores themes of exile, home, war and heritage

Flo Brady - singer and theatre maker

Hannah Malcolm - Anglican ordinand, climate writer and organiser

Alastair McIntosh - writer, academic and land rights activist

David Benjamin Blower - musician, poet and podcaster

Funding and Production:

This podcast was crowdfunded by a handful of good souls, and produced by Tim Nash and David Benjamin Blower


The song Happily by Flo Brady is used with permission.

The song The Soil, from We Really Existed and We Really Did This by David Benjamin Blower, used with permission.

The Poem The Tree of Knowledge by Pádraig Ó Tuama used with permission.

The Poem Atlas by Zena Kazeme used with permission.

The Poem What is Man? by Rowan Williams from the book The Other Mountain, used with permission from Carcanet Press.