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Come to the Table

May 28, 2018

Friend and fellow podcaster Brandon Handley accepts the invite to come to the table and have a discussion around one of the oldest and most important topics in the history of man:  Fatherhood.  His own personal journey has taken his commitment to it beyond the walls of his own home and into a successful business and podcast focused on helping his fellow man become a better father.  

You can find links to Brandon's efforts through Fatherhood For the Rest of Us below:

Website, Facebook, Podcast

We also were contacted and asked to promote Podbean's App with the promise to help promote our podcast on their network.  While we don't currently host with them we're aware of the great work they do in the podcasting community, have friends that successfully host through them and have personally used their app to listen to podcasts.  If you are considering a host and/or an app for podcasting we highly recommend you consider them!  You can also find this podcast on their site as well!  The image below takes you to our podcast on their site and below that is a link to their app.


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 Love in action is listening to understand, not to react.

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A special thanks to the musical talent of our friend and guest of the show David HaLevy for writing and performing the sound to our intro and outgoing music.  Check out the Ruach Guitar Facebook Page he makes by hand and plays as well as on Instagram.   We are very humbled and grateful for this personal touch to the show and cherish it greatly.   תודה David!